What the Heck is Glampacking?

We’re glad you asked. Glampacking is what you do when sleeping in hostels isn’t quite your cup of tea. Like when you don’t want to spend the night inhaling the stench of two British strangers’ whiffy socks, but you’re also a chronic cheapskate who would rather sleep on a pillow stuffed with the whiffy socks of a thousand Brits than spring for a real hotel room.

The bottom line is that glampacking is one step up from backpacking. You stay in low-budget AirBnbs and VRBOs, occasionally springing for a real B&B if you’re feeling super extra; you eat on the cheap, but not out of a collapsible saucepan; and you get to stuff a bunch of non-essentials into your backpack, like eyelash curlers and loafers.

If that sounds like you, then we’ll get along great.

Through our weekly blogs, you’ll find everything you need to know to glampack like a pro—such as how to fit so much in your free carry-on that the TSA officer resigns, and how to stay in budget accommodation without waking up minus a kidney and several credit cards.



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