Meet the Whales

Did you know that whales have one of the longest annual migrations of any mammal? They love to travel, and they always complete their wanderings in small, tight-knit pods. Neat, right?

But that’s not all. Female humpback whales not only make friends with one another, but reunite each year. They remember their pals and even find them across the ocean and among other whales.

Well, that’s why we call ourselves the “Wandering Whales.” At least twice a year, we travel from across the states to reunite and wander the world together. We hope that you enjoy following our wanderings, and that our tips and tricks help you as you navigate your own travels.

So without further ado, meet our pod:


Fi (The Carolina Whale)



Made in Britain, college-d in New York, and currently living the beach life in South Carolina. Fi likes to scramble over rocks, take the scenic route, and pretend she intends to take on her fair share of the driving. Fi loves to try adventurous new foods, but only if someone else is paying.


Spags (The New York Whale)



Born and bred in New York, Spags is an animal fanatic whose fondest travel pictures generally feature non-human subjects such as ducks and sheep. An adventurous traveler with a knack for navigating cities and driving on the left-hand side of the road, Spags has, well, the whole world on her bucketlist.

Em (The Occasional Whale)


As a busy nurse living the cool kid’s life in San Diego, Em doesn’t always make it out with squad…but when she does, she’s a force of nature. Whether she’s running over the hills of Portugal or buying a week’s supply of ham and cheese pastries, Em always makes the best of things. And her packing skills are second to none!


Paul Harris (The Really Small Whale)


Paul Harris is our honorary whale mascot, otherwise known as the “Third Whale.” We’d love to be able to give you an explanation as to why we travel with a small, whale-shaped bath toy with an unnecessarily formal name. Unfortunately, there isn’t one—at least not one that makes sense when we try to explain it out loud. He’s really cute, and he’s named after a road in Portugal. That’s all you need to know, right?


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