The Hiker’s Life for Me

♬ Yo ho, yo ho, a hiker’s life for me
We scramble, we stride, we make holes in our boots
Climb up, me ‘earties, yo ho
We hop, trip and scuttle and don’t give a hoot
Climb up, me ‘earties, yo ho ♬

Is there any adventure better than the one that brings you to the top of the mountain? Past tall sentinels and roaring ravines, or over sun-kissed white rocks with panoramic ocean views? We sure don’t think so.

Perhaps it goes without saying that here you’ll find a bunch of handy hiking info. Since Spags is a long-legged New-Yorker, we’ll be heavy on the Adirondack area. But we’ve also knocked out trails in the French Calanques, the Italian hills, the Irish countryside…the list goes on and on. Because if there’s a way for us to wander, you betcha we take it.

Ready to see our hiking tips, tricks, and trails? Head on over.



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